Hails from the 

Head of the House of Muir


A Message Of Condolence To All Affected By The Atrocities Of Tuesday September 11th 2001

At this time, it is of little comfort to listen to the platitudes of others. However, we sincerely hope that one day, you will take comfort in the knowledge that you are in the hearts and minds of people all over the world.

We in Scotland do not feel all that far removed from the events in NY and Washington, we have friends, acquaintances and Clansmen and Women living or working in these areas. Our heartfelt sorrow for the losses suffered by those directly or indirectly affected by this attack extends beyond personal, political, religious or any other boundary. At this moment in time we all of one family; that of humanity.

We hold you in our hearts.

Andrew Moore

Hazel (Moore) Rae

Cheryl (Moore) Bigham

Andrew Neil Moore

Of the House of Muir



Clan Muir Clansmen and Women

The year 2000 is the beginning of an  auspicious time for our Clan - for the first time in 300 years our Clan has  petitioned to have a chief, an honor that has been bestowed on me.

I cannot express how pleased I am to have been chosen for this position and promise that I will do everything in my power to contribute to the excellent work undertaken by Kurt Moore and others of the Clan Muir Society in raising the profile of our Clan.

The social and cultural climate in Scotland at this time is one of great excitement and anticipation and there is an overall newfound desire by many to seek their origins and kinships.   Perhaps it's the millennium, or the anticipated political changes in our society - I cannot say, but there is a tangible air of the need for kinship and belonging.  I look forward with eager anticipation and optimism to the dawn of a new era for our Clan and to taking the Clan Muir into the 21st Century.

Long life and contentment to you all.

Andrew Moore

Head of the House of Muir