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Fare Thee Well Clan Brother


While we often have joyous news to share with each other, this evening I have a very sad duty in that I am writing you to say our esteemed and beloved friend, Clan Brother, and Clan Muir High Commissioner for Texas, Shelby Smith, passed away at his home in San Antonio, TX, this evening, between 7-8:00 p.m., June 24, 2007. He had cancer and passed after a good, but short fight. His wife, Vicki Smith, was with him and there were friends and family at the home. He had a daughter, Rebecca, a son, Philip, and a step-son James.
   Shelby was just short of his 63rd birthday in August. He was active in the San Antonio Games and Scottish Society, in Clan Muir, and was a co-founder of Sword and Thistle which toured presenting things from Scottish history and culture. There was much that he did that this short message will not be able to cover for tonight.  One thing we all knew was that Shelby was a wonderful person, very friendly and kind to everyone, open and sharing of himself, proud of his heritage and helpful to anyone who needed information about Scottish things.
   This was a dear friend and Clan Brother who will be terribly missed. As I find out out about the memorial planned for Shelby, I will quickly send you the information. I will send flowers from Clan Muir and from myself. I hope that everyone will have a chance to send a note to Vicki and her family, and, of course, any cards and flowers or memorials you might send would be very welcomed.
    Cards and messages can be mailed to : 

Mrs. Shelby Smith and Family

 403 Granite Bay

 San Antonio, TX 78251


   If anyone has anything they would like to do, to send or to share about Shelby I would be glad to thank you. If I have omitted anyone who should receive this message or, if any of the e-mail addresses I used have changed, please contact me as soon as possible. I ask that everyone will help in contacting Clan Family in the USA, Scotland, and abroad to let them know about Shelby. 
   My heart is heavy as I send you all this message. May God bless Shelby and his family.
   Yours, aye,
    Carol Muir Fauster, Esq. FSA Scot., Clan Muir High Comm. for South Midwest Territory


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