Clan Muir Hierarchy

There has been much growth in our clan over the last year.  In order to

maintain clear communications and promote Clan interests,

Chief Andrew has appointed a "Chain of Command" that covers the

entire globe.  This Chain is illustrated below along with 

pictures and e-mail

link for the folks listed.  If you desire to e-mail one of us, 

just click on our name.

Head of the House of Muir 

Chief_John_3.jpg (3926 bytes)

Andrew Moore

Chief Apparent

Guardians of the House of Muir

Tainistear          Brehon               Ceann-Cath         Ambassador

     Andrew Neil.JPG (6024 bytes)              Hazel.jpg (4777 bytes)                    Kurt.JPG (29958 bytes)               

    Andrew N. Moore     Hazel (Moore) Rae             Kurt Moore    Cheryl (Moore) Bigham

                                         ESQ. FSA Scot.

                                                                         Vice President        Founder & President       Clan Ambassador

                                                                      Clan Muir Society     Clan Muir Society

North America

BRENT.JPG (69458 bytes)                  Convener Robert More.JPG (3571 bytes)              Convener Roger Moore.JPG (15880 bytes)

      Brent Moore                Robert More                Roger Moore

       High Commissioner  High Commissioner  High Commissioner

Southeast USA            Northwest USA           Southwest USA

                             Treasurer                        Historian

                         Clan Muir Society         Clan Muir

srpic.JPG (47526 bytes)                                                    

                Ashlynn Moore          John Moore, Sr.          Jann (Muir) Ravenhawk

                High Commissioner  High Commissioner        High Commissioner

                North Carolina USA                Georgia USA                    Montana USA


           Carol_Fauster.JPG (49082 bytes)                         Brandy Chorus.jpg (5716 bytes) 

Carol Muir Fauster                Brandy Moore

High Commissioner                 Clan Convener

South Midwest USA          North Carolina USA

                                  Amanda Portrait2.jpg (7954 bytes)

Heather Rowlands                 Amanda Rowlands

High Commissioner             High Commissioner

           Canada                                Ontario & Quebec

Shelby.jpg (27298 bytes)                                                                

         Shelby Smith                                              Jennifer Silvertree

     High Commissioner                                    High Commissioner

          State of Texas USA                                State of California USA


David Moore.JPG (33437 bytes)

David J. Moore

High Commissioner

State of Kansas USA